A Global Cheese Adventure: Exploring Cheese Pizzas Around the World

Here at Constantly Pizza, we’re cheese fanatics. Because of that, there’s no doubt that we’ll be celebrating National Cheese Lover’s Day on January 20th. And what better way to celebrate than to embark on a global cheese adventure and explore how different cultures from around the world use cheeses to craft their own pizza masterpieces? From the traditional Italian classics to inventive American twists, fasten your seatbelts as one of your favorite restaurants discover the diverse and delectable world of cheese-infused pizza!


Our journey begins in the birthplace of pizza – Italy. Known for its culinary finesse, Italy offers a myriad of cheeses that play a starring role in their pizza creations. From the stretchy perfection of fresh mozzarella in a Margherita to the sharp tang of Parmesan in a Quattro Formaggi, Italian pizzas showcase a symphony of flavors that have stood the test of time.


Crossing over to France, we find a different approach to pizza, where cheeses like creamy Brie, pungent Roquefort, and nutty Gruyère take center stage. These savory ingredients bring an elegant touch to French-inspired pizzas, offering a delightful departure from the more traditional Italian styles.


Our next stop takes us to the Mediterranean, where Greece introduces its own magic to the pizza scene. The crumbly texture and tangy flavor of feta cheese find their place on Greek pizzas, perfectly complementing olives, tomatoes, and fresh vegetables for a taste that transports you to the sunny shores of the Aegean.

Middle East

Venturing into the Middle East, we discover a fusion of flavors that adds a unique twist to pizza. Za’atar-infused crusts and the creaminess of labneh create a marriage of spice and texture, showcasing how local ingredients can transform a classic dish into something entirely new and exciting.

United States

Returning to the Western hemisphere, the United States presents its own pizza innovations. From the thin, foldable slices of New York with generous helpings of mozzarella to the deep-dish wonders of Chicago, American pizzas are a testament to culinary creativity, blending various cheeses in ways that redefine the pizza experience.


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