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When John and Dave Constant finished high school, the brothers knew they wanted to create an unforgettable local business. With the help of their father, Skip, the trio decided to put the family’s Italian recipes to good use. In January of 1990, they opened the very first Constantly Pizza in Tilton. Working open to close, the brothers were determined to turn the family-owned and operated business into one of the best, most memorable NH restaurants that customers were excited to recommend to friends and family.

3 Decades of Serving the Best Pizza In New Hampshire

Since, the once little NH pizza shop has expanded locations to Concord and Penacook. Constantly Pizza is now a staple within the Central New Hampshire community. Not only do the brothers take the time to get to know their customers, they extend their presence to the local community by sponsoring local teams and assisting schools with several fundraisers throughout the year.

Our Success Lies With Our Customers

“After 30 years, you see a lot of people. It’s always a pleasure to see customers who have grown up with us start bringing in their kids for a meal.”


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