Did Somebody Say Homemade Cannoli? Oh Yes, We Did!

When it comes to searching for ‘food near me,’ there is often a specific cuisine in mind. Whether you are searching for the best Italian restaurants in NH or a local pizza shop, one thing most people overlook is the desserts. Here at Constantly Pizza, we are an Italian family raised on good food and really good desserts. Or, really good homemade cannoli we should say. 

Because of our love for food, we’re dedicating this article to the cannoli – the history, the makings, and all of the details in between.


The cannoli goes back further than you probably ever imagined!

Undoubtedly one of the most popular desserts in Italy, the cannoli comes with quite a history! Like most food, the origins of the cannoli differ. However, one of the most told tales brings us to Caltanissetta. With this in mind, it may come as a surprise that the cannoli is not a purely Italian creation. Shocking, we agree. Instead, this multi-century-old delectable was created from various cultures and brought to the Italian city through migration. The combination of several traditions presented the world with the cannoli as we know it today.


FACT: The word ‘canna’ refers to the river reeds found around the city of Caltanissetta.

Further, depending which story you delve into, the roots of the cannoli are said to have more of an Arabic influence than any other culture. To determine this, one must look at the ingredients. Somewhere between 827 and 1091, the cannoli emerged with many ingredients native to the Arabic culture – sugar cane and almonds, for example. However, because this occurred in Caltanissetta, a Sicilian city, the cannoli is often associated with Sicily. 

Options, choices, and more even decisions.

In the original form, a cannoli is a fried tubular dough stuffed with sweet, creamy ricotta and almonds. Drizzled in honey, this is one of the most commonly served options. However, during the American immigration many of the needed ingredients became hard to find. Thus, the choices changed talking cannoli options to a whole new level. 


Today, you can find cannoli offered in endless possibilities. From chocolate pastry shells to traditional, ricotta and mascarpone cheese, fruit or nut fillings, dusted with powdered sugar or plain, topped with chocolate chips or pistachios – there is no denying the variations are vast!


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FACT: Regardless of the popularity, cannolis were tough to find! In the early 1920s, Italy’s Carnevale, which was held 40 days before Easter, was the only time common folk could get their hands on this treat!


Next time you find yourself searching for ‘food near me,’ keep in mind that desserts matter, too! At Constantly Pizza, our family-owned and operated restaurant takes great pride in sharing generations of family recipes – straight from (you guessed it) Italy! Visit us today at our Concord location and experience New Hampshire’s best cannoli for yourself!