Having a Pizza Party? You Need These Delivery Tips!

Did you know that May 19th is National Pizza Party Day? You probably didn’t need an excuse to get your friends together on a Friday for pizza, but now you have one! But as fun as it is to enjoy some pizzas with your friends, there are decisions that have to be made when it’s time to order delivery. If you’ve ever been the person who has to order pizza for a group of people, you know it’s almost impossible to get everyone to agree.


Can’t get everyone to agree on pizza? Take these tips to make ordering pizza delivery a breeze!


Start with the 2:1:1 Rule.

Never heard of the 2:1:1 Rule? It’s simple: order two pepperoni pizzas, one cheese, and one veggie. This is a good rule to follow if you’re ordering for more than four people. There’s plenty of pizza to go around, and there’s something everyone will like. It’s also easy to adapt your order to the group’s preferences. If you don’t have any vegetarians in the group or no one wants plain cheese, it’s easy to swap one out for something else.


Get more choices with mediums.

When you’re only ordering for three or four people, one or two large pizzas will be enough. But what if you want more variety? We have the solution: mediums. Three or four medium pizzas will be plenty of food, and you get to pick more toppings.


Your last resort: the Cheese Ultimatum.

It’s not a position you want to be in, but sometimes it happens. No one can agree on what to order, and you have to do it. You level the Cheese Ultimatum. If no one can decide what they want in the next two minutes, everyone’s getting cheese. And, just like that, pepperoni sounds great, and, hey, could we get some garlic bread with that?


Ordering delivery tonight? Constantly Pizza has you covered!

Whether you’re ordering pizza for a party or just for yourself, Constantly Pizza has you covered! Try our specialty pizzas or build your own. We have something for everyone, plus great subs, sides, desserts, and more!


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