What’s the Best Sausage for Pizza?

Of the most popular pizza toppings, sausage regularly makes into the top five, if not the top three, of America’s favorites. But there are many different varieties of sausage, so how do you know what kind is the best for pizza? If you order pizza delivery in Concord, you can trust that we use the best ingredients at Constantly Pizza, but what about when you make pizza at home?


You could just order pizza delivery in Concord, but if you want to make it yourself, here’s our advice for making great sausage pizza.


It’s all about the ratios.

Sausage can be made with virtually any meat, including beef, lamb, chicken, and turkey. But when it comes to pizza, pork is the best choice. It’s the meat you traditionally find in Italian sausage, and the flavor and texture are ideal for pizza. Whether you opt for mild or hot sausage is less important than the meat-to-fat ratio. You want to use sausage that is 80-85% pork and 15-20% fat.


You have prep options.

There is some debate over the best way to top your pizza with sausage. Should you slice it like pepperoni? Or should you take it out of the casing and crumble it over the pizza? And do you cook it beforehand or let it cook on the pizza? To ensure that it is thoroughly cooked and the pizza doesn’t get too greasy, many people choose to cook the sausage before it goes on the pizza. But there is an argument for cooking the sausage on the pizza. You get more flavor infusion if the sausage cooks with the pizza. There’s not really a wrong way to do it as long as the sausage gets cooked!


Get the best flavor combos.

As much as we love sausage, the best pizzas have more than just one topping. To add some veggies to your sausage, green peppers and onions are a great choice. Looking for more of an earthy flavor? You can’t go wrong with sausage and mushrooms. For a classic Italian inspiration, add some fresh basil leaves as soon as the pizza comes out of the oven.


What’s your favorite way to eat sausage pizza? Order pizza delivery in Concord from Constantly Pizza and try one of our signature pizzas, or build your own!