Local Pizza Shops are Celebrating Cheese Pizza Day!

There’s a day for everything, and we can’t think of anything that deserves it more than pizza! Okay, maybe there are a couple of things that are more important, but pizza’s definitely high on the list. September 5th is National Cheese Pizza Day, so you’ll understand why Constantly Pizza and pizza shops everywhere are excited. If you’re one of those people who thinks cheese pizza is boring or just for kids’ birthday parties, think again. Cheese is the basis of all pizza.


Pizza shops that have mastered cheese pizza are the only places worth eating at.


Why do we love pizza?

There are lots of reasons to love pizza. It’s quick, easy, delicious, and it brings people together. But there’s also a scientific reason why we love pizza. That’s right, chemistry makes us love pizza. It has to do with sugars, proteins, and neurotransmitters. Yup, your brain loves pizza. Cheese and tomatoes—and common toppings like pepperoni—are loaded with a compound called glutamate. Glutamate tells your brain to get excited, and both tasting and smelling foods containing glutamate spark this reaction. That’s why your mouth waters when you anticipate eating something delicious like pizza.


Hot food tastes better.

Yes, we know there are people who love to eat cold pizza, but nothing compares to pizza straight out of the oven. Chemistry is responsible for that, too! There are two heat-induced processes that make us love pizza: caramelization and the Maillard reaction. Most of us know about caramelization. That’s when the sugars in food turn crispy and brown when heated, like toasting a marshmallow. Most foods contain some type of sugar, so caramelization adds sweetness and complexity that human tastebuds find delicious.

The Maillard reaction happens in high-protein foods, like cheese and pepperoni. When those foods are heated, the amino acids react with the sugars. How the reaction looks depends on the food. For example, pepperoni crisps and curls up and cheese bubbles. Pizza’s not just dinner, it’s science!


Show Your Love for Pizza Shops

Now that we know that everyone loves pizza (it’s science), the only thing to do is head over to your favorite pizza shops. If you find yourself in downtown Concord, stop by Constantly Pizza! Try one of your specialty pizzas, build your own, or stick with classic cheese. There are no wrong choices.


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